Gorilla Mind Rush Second Bottle Hormetik

Unboxing of Gorilla Mind Rush Second Bottle

I opened the the first bottle of Gorilla Mind Rush (GMR) on May the 29th, and finished it on July the 16th.

That’s 22 days of high productivity.

Spanning roughly one month and 20 days.

The next bottle will last more.

Because next time I will not take more than 3 pills per day.

Not unless I want a super long day of work.


If you look at the calendar images below, you’ll see that there were many days when I took 5-6 pills.

5-6 pills of Gorilla Mind Rush is too much.

1-2 pills is good.

3 pills is perfect for long days of work.

unboxing Gorilla Mind Rush Label Suggested Use hormetik
The label, with suggested use and warnings.

Another thing is that I noticed an after glow.

On days between doses I still feel focused.

Most noteworthy is that there are no negative effects, like those I feel with Modafinil.


While Modafinil leaves me exhausted the day/s after the ‘craze’ of long hours of deep work…

The effects of Gorilla Mind seem to gently vanish away when I don’t take it.

This is great and uncommon in my experience.


The best ‘nootropic’ is your mind.

I use these as a tool.
I can do deep work with or without pills.
I have focus because years ago I decided to end my depression and addiction.
Here’s a snapshot of the calendar hanging on my bedroom door.
unboxing bottle Calendar Gorilla Mind Rush Use First Bottle Hormetik
The three pages of my calendar. From May the 29th to July the 16th.

Later on I will explain more about my training, and why I call it ‘MSSF‘.

Furthermore, I will explain in more detail my take on Intermittent Fasting.

Which I sometimes overdo.

But that is something for future posts.

Finally, I’m finishing a guide to fix shoulder pain from computer work.

Shoulder pain is bad.

Computer use causes shoulder pain.

I suffered from shoulder pain and now I fixed it.

This guide shows you exactly how you can fix it too.

Here’s a snapshot of the Shoulder Pain Guide:

Shoulder Pain Guide Snapshot Hormetik


You can get the FREE Guide for Strong Shoulders here.

Thank you very much for reading.

Have a GREAT day.