Some Days Just Suck (because you sucked)

Yesterday was a great day, because ‘I’ was great.

I took 5 Gorilla Mind Rush pills with coffee (You can read my little post about them here.)

And then proceeded to follow my plan for the day.

Almost everyday, I write a list of things to do in a piece of paper. With a CLEAR #1 on the list. That ONE thing is the most important one, and it’s the one that will drive me closer to my goal.

Today was different.

Because I got up late…

Because I had trouble getting asleep the day before…


I didn’t train.

I didn’t work that much on important things.

BUT, I did a few things right.

And that is the point of this post.

Some days you suck. But since consistency is incredibly important, just do a few things right.

What I did right today

  1. I took my T4 (I have hypothyroidism).
  2. I had 500mg of Meformin (it’s a wonderful thing).
  3. I sunbathed for 20 minutes. Right now it’s winter here. The sun has not been showing up much. I LOVE the sun and I need it to be happy (so do all people).
  4. I walked 2 times for 10 and 20 minutes. Walking outside is fantastic and it clears your mind.

Oh, and I had a delicious bone broth.

Here it is:

bone broth hormetik
bone broth hormetik
It looks better hot

As you can see, the first image is nasty as hell. I keep the bone broth in the fridge.

This is pure FATTY GOODNESS!

And finally, I posted this to be consistent and to share something with the world.


This is today’s post.

Thank you very much for reading.

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