The Two Books that Changed my Discipline and my Body

These  books gave me tools to build my SELF DISCIPLINE and to go from SKINNY to BUFF (while still being pretty sedentary and working at a computer all day).


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There’s moments in your life when you think you’ve read everything. You think that you’ve already tried everything. That your problem ‘is there to stay’.



That “it’s part of me”.


Many if not all problems (within your control) in your life come from a few things.


2 Points of Origin of Problems in Life:


– BEING PHYSICALLY WEAK (either skinny or fat)


I’m here to tell you this: Never identify with a problematic part of you.



“I simply lack self-discipline”


This phrase alone can be like a magic spell that will ruin your life. Self-Discipline is a skill. You can learn ANY skill.


What do you need to learn a skill?



Whatever reality you’re living today, it’s because of your daily practice. Just change your daily practice. I thought I lacked self-discipline. I thought it simply was not a part of my identity. Today I identify with self-discipline.


Always identify with things that are good in you.


For good things apply the opposite of what you do with the negative.

So, to get the Self Discipline that you’re lacking. I recommend you get “30 Days of Discipline + Body of a Spartan“. I recommend it because I like things that are simple and straightforward. I get confused with things that are complex.

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Consists of 12 habits you must do for 30 days (and hopefully beyond).

The only thing I did not do was HABIT #2: Wake up at 5 AM everyday for 30 days.

I’m not a morning person and I will never be one. I love midnight. I hate mornings. It’s not lack of self-discipline. I woke up at 7 AM every single day for years and I hated my life. Not anymore!

If you like mornings, good for you!

If you’re not a morning person, don’t let MORNING ZEALOTS discourage you!

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Morning zealots always claim that “I’m already working when you’re still in bed” and stupid things like that. Life is cycles, not a straight line.

I could say the same. “When you’re sleeping like a little kid at 9 PM, grown ups like me are still working, ahead of you, WAY before you wake up and start your day”…

Stupidity will limit you if you let it. So don’t let it!



Body of a Spartan

To be 100% honest, the BIGGEST thing I got out of this book was a simple idea.

One that helped me get out of skinny-land for good.



Usually they tell you to train Rippetoe style.

This is, get strong in the big 3 with low repetitions (3-5 with heavy weights).

Deadlift, Squats and Bench Press.




This doesn’t work for skinny-fat guys either.


Unless you’re already getting the results you want…

You need to train like a body builder.





Better yet if you do it in the same training session.

Like this:

Pick 3 movements.

Do one with the barbell with heavier weight and lower reps (1-6).

Do one movement with dumbbells with moderate weight and higher reps (8-12).

Do one movement with bodyweight only, for high reps (12-30).

This is just an example.

You can get a lot out of “Body of a Spartan” if you need to break your plateau.


If you want to get out of SKINNY-LAND, read and apply this book.


Even better, get BOTH books in the Special Deal at the bottom of the page in the link.

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Self-Discipline + Physical Training will transform your mind and your body.


There are ZERO DOUBTS about it.

Get the two books in this link —> 30 Days of Discipline + Body of a Spartan



Thank you very much for reading.

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