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Your best chance at building a strong, healthy body and cultivating a limitless mindset is by learning from someone who understands the struggle that you’re facing.

I spent most of my life being out of shape.

Throughout my 20’s (and most of my 30s) I was in terrible shape… physically and mentally. I was either frail, with absolutely no muscle… or FAT. Those two were my physical states. And I moved from one to the other for YEARS. Until I grew tired of wasting my time and feeling like crap.

Simply put, I felt like crap and I looked like it too.

But I don’t look like crap anymore. I also don’t feel like crap anymore. I can teach you exactly how I did it.


Let me ask you a couple questions:

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re exactly like I was.

But I have news for you…


I used to think that I would never have an amazing body.

Look, I get it, I was the same way.

Your best chance is to learn from someone who has been in your shoes...

Someone who struggled for decades against all odds: bad genetics, sedentary lifestyle, everything… Yet found a way out.

A bulletproof mindset

A body that looks forged from steel.

It can be done…

Don’t you want to know how?

So a little backstory — before I created Powerful Bodyweight Training, I took advice from all the wrong people…


Fitness models…

Natural athletes…

“Getting HUGE is easy bro, just spend 2 hours in the gym every day getting a sick pump and spend the rest of the day eating”

I listened to them.

I wanted it so badly that I REALLY DID spend every waking hour trying to build muscle (only to look more and more exhausted and weak—-> Seriously, check out my pictures in my Twitter account).

I gave up my life, I stopped seeing friends, I stopped going out.

All I did was work, train, and eat.

That was my life.

And you know where it got me?


Don’t take advice from men who were fit since they were young.

I have friends that had six-packs when they were six years old. They can just look at a weight and poof… they have a six-pack again.

Also, don’t take advice from fitness people.

They dedicate all their waking hours to looking impossibly good… You can’t replicate that!

And least of all, take advice from guys who are taking steroids!

There are certainly some good trainers out there, but most of them don’t understand people like you and me.

Still, your best chance is to learn from men who were out of shape for many years, who had addictions and had to overcome many obstacles.

Ideally, from men who work in an office, in front of computers…

FYI, I’m a full-time freelancer who does graphic design… Not the most effective job to be lean and muscular all year long at 42 years old.

No matter how old you are, you can rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.

It will also rid you of your negative mindset.

When you have a negative mindset, your mind fights you.

With a negative mindset, you want to train, you really do, but your mind seems to be against you.

It feels like you’re battling an enemy inside…

I know what that feels like.

A very wise man said that “an organism at war with itself is doomed”.

Is your mindset negative?

Are you at war with yourself?

I can teach you how fix your mindset…

Conquer your mind, conquer your body… and conquer the world?

The mechanical act of getting started is necessary until it’s a deep habit (if you follow the advice I give you to a T then eventually you’ll become so disciplined that it will be harder for you NOT to complete your workout).

After that, you will begin your exercises and read your affirmations during key parts of your workout.

Doing so will make you invincible.

You will never need another motivational video in your entire life.

Because motivation will come from within.

It will be part of your new identity.

You will re-write your identity in each workout.

You will use the power of complete focus, affirmations, visualization and deep breathing during your physical training.

Affirmations and visualization will give you an edge over some random overweight 30-year-old dude who goes to the gym and trains “going through the motions”.

Unless you do something about it, your energy levels will continue to plummet.

Having low energy levels makes your time on this earth even worse.

Raising your energy levels is your first priority.

Mindset and physical training will do the trick.

Because it’s a feedback loop.


On the other hand…


Learn a way to exercise that removes all your typical excuses.

An approach to take the first steps to make yourself powerful and proud, athletic and filled with energy.

What’s included:

PLUS: The GUIDE FOR STRONG SHOULDERS, which contains the 8 Exercises I use to keep my shoulders strong, healthy & injury proof, my posture great (even when I work at my computer most of the day).

ALL of these have been essential to my personal transformation. I am the best testimonial of what I preach.

Just check my Twitter, my (many times embarrassing) past pictures are there for the world to see.

BONUSES INCLUDED (these are huge):

Do you sometimes feel like you just woke up from a dream only to find out that you’re much older than you remember?

Do you think to yourself “What happened?” “Where have my 20s gone?”

Have you felt that you lost your youth completely?

You feel like you’re in a descending slope and you can’t control it.

That’s how it feels.

That you’re just “done” or “finished”?

That’s no surprise.

But you can’t blame society.

If society pushes the “dad bod” as something cute or not pathetic, it’s up to each man to say:


Typical things men do to AVOID actually training:

You need less researching…

And more doing.


The sooner you stop lying to yourself, the faster you’ll get to see yourself in the mirror and see a proud man with his chin held high and ready to take on the world.

What’s wrong with researching and buying all these things (beyond the obvious)?


Your brain gets the reward WITHOUT the effort.

Your brain gets the rush of dopamine, the excitement of having done something about your problem…

But the real problem is that you’re addicted to the dopamine rush WITHOUT actually doing anything.


Remove everything.


Strip yourself of everything else and look at yourself in the mirror.

Make a decision.

To commit or to keep playing this game.

Nobody cares and nobody believes your BS.


Your body does not get stronger with lies.

Your mind gets weaker every time you lie to yourself and don’t do what you need to do.

This is actually science-based.

There’s a part of your brain called Pre-Frontal Cortex (PFC) which gives you the power to exert discipline on yourself. You can train the PFC.

So, when you’re ready to leave all the BS behind, click “I want this!” and get started.

Bodyweight training prepares your body like nothing else to be injury free.


Most people simply SUCK at the basic movement patterns that are ESSENTIAL to us humans.

That is a big reason why I sopped going to the gym, because my back used to hurt and my shoulders were not ready to carry loads. My hips were toast. My glutes had passed away a long time ago.

So, you will first learn some of the basic patterns:

You will also learn to activate the most compressed and deflated muscles in your body.

The muscles that give you power to run, to kick, to punch better, etc.


Sitting all day destroys your glutes and you pay a high price.

Not only do we look as far away from an athletic Spartan as imaginable.

We are also riddled with low back pain, in great measure because of how weak are our glutes.

You have to address this directly.

Deadlifts and squats are not nearly as effective as direct glute training.

Google Bret Contreras and discuss it with him, I don’t have the time to do that. My girlfriend loves my rock solid buttocks way more than I do.

And I just enjoy the power and stability they add to my hips. I also love the fact that low-back pain that used to torture me for years is gone.

You can see many people who are strong at the “big 3” (deadlift, bench press and squat) who also walk like Frankenstein monsters.

Stiff, rigid and without any flow.

This only gets worse with age.

They look confined in their own bodies, instead of liberated by them.

Many look eternally tired.

Recovering from their previous workout.

This is not necessary.

You wasted years without energy.

Why would you want to waste your 30s, your 40s and beyond always recovering from your last workout?

I want to train in a way that gives me more energy.

Lack of chronic pain combined with strength and mobility will give you that sensation…

That now forgotten sensation that you had when you were a kid, when you simply wanted to move around more.


Also included is my Guide for Strong Shoulders, which contains some exercises that use bands to correct problems and to correct your posture from too much computer work.

This guide has helped many people who send me messages thanking me.

Are you ready?

Then click “I want this” and get started!

See you inside!