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Noopept Sublingual Review

Noopept (sublingual):


This is an unusual nootropics article!

So What is Noopept?

It’s a nootropic.

One of the best if you ask me.

I have 7 years of experience with nootropics and Noopept is one of my favorite.

It’s right there in the top 3 with Modafinil and Gorilla Mind Rush (which is my favorite right now).

Here’s what says about Noopept (link).


Focus and Productivity are the main reasons for healthy individuals.

It has some mood-elevating effects too.

But I associate it more with creative tasks.

Such as writing fiction or filming (in my case).

I filmed this horror movie 100% on my own while on Noopept:

It took me 16 days of intensive shooting.

This was the original title and the original poster for SITE1

I was ON FIRE and I attribute it partly to Noopept. (sublingual, I noticed no effects when taking Noopept orally).

I was also very motivated and full of enthusiasm, two things that are MUCH more important than any nootropic in the world.

YOU > Nootropics

Nootropics are a tool.

Then, I took 3 months OFF, as I always do with every nootropic I use.

Noopept has many other neuro-protective effects.

Noopept also has the potential to make the brain become better at learning new things.

To give you an idea of how it actually works.

I’ve been using Gorilla Mind Rush for the past two months.


So, I will go 30 days OFF Gorilla Mind.

(UPDATE: I did 16 days OFF Gorilla Mind Rush, not 30 days).

storyboards site1 hormetik noopept
Storyboards were a great ally during the shooting of SITE1


What I do is use one main Nootropic and then ‘turn it off’ for 15-30 days.

What I do once a year is to go 30 days off everything.

This includes coffee, and every other stimulant or Nootropic.

So, this next month I will go off Gorilla Mind Rush.

And I will use Noopept instead.

—> You can try Noopept here at Pure Nootropics.


30mg sublingualy (under the tongue).

You should never dose with more than 30mg.

noopept site1 production hormetik
Another shot from SITE1. I was actor, director, cameraman, etc.

With Noopept, you have to start with small doses.

5mg orally is what a newbie should first try.

That means 5mg TOTAL that day.

Then, go up as you feel the effects.

I personally skipped this part, and took 30mg right away.

Some people say that taking it orally is like taking nothing.

I agree.

My experience confirms this.

I open a 30mg capsule.

Lift my tongue.

And pour the powder from the capsule below the tongue.

——> This is called SUBLINGUAL <——

storyboards 2 SITE1 Hormetik Noopept Article
More storyboards from SITE1

Noopept powder tastes NASTY.

But you get used to it.

No problem.

Other benefits:

It has other mild effects, like raising your mood.

In my extensive experience with it, I notice something strange.

On the first doses, it can make me irritable.

But this effect goes away as I take it a few more times.

Then, it improves my mood.

trailer site1 hormetik

I would say that Noopept is better for creative tasks.

Modafinil is worse for creative tasks.

Phenibut (more on it in other posts) is EXCELLENT for improving mood, but it’s also dangerous.

I mean it, Phenibut can be a nightmare.

I’m not kidding. I went through two months of hell because of it.

But later I learned to use it better and I still enjoy it to this day.

This is an actual picture of the last moments of shooting SITE1 (aka The Second Volunteer).

I was TIRED.

It was very HOT.

It was the best experience ever!

noopept shooting hormetik site1

Nootropics can be what I call noise-cancelling for your brain.

But you do not need them to succeed.

Eating healthy + Sun Exposure + Physical Training

THIS is where the magic happens.

Nootropics can be used as a tool and that is why I recommend them.

Thank you very much for reading.

—> You can buy Noopept here.

P.S. If you can’t get a hold of Noopept, try Gorilla Mind Smooth.