hormetik before and after

I Quit Smoking 7 Years Ago

So, I decided to start this blog which was in my mind for many years.

This is my first post, so I know it’s gonna suck big time. My native language is Spanish, but I love English since I was a kid and therefore I taught myself this great language. And, since 99% of what I read is in English, I want this blog to be in English. Period.

Quitting smoking was the starting point of every good thing I did afterwards.

hormetik before and after

Because from that day on, I learned and applied many things from different parts of the internet. Thing that might help others in their own lives.

At the time I was overweight and depressed, while being always on a ‘diet’ and taking anti-depressants.

Therefore, I decided to not only set myself free of this addiction (quit smoking), but to ALSO to lose weight and leave depression behind.

The book “The Easy Way To Stop Smoking” by Allen Carr definitely helped. I can’t recommend this book enough to people who want to quit for real.


The main motivator was:

I had already had enough of feeling like shit.

THIS is a picture of my actual last cigarette ever.

I lit it and then proceeded to let it die in front of my eyes…

my last cigarette quit smoking hormetik
My Last Cigarette Ever, pictured here in it’s dying moments

For 12 years:

  • I smoked at least ONE pack of cigarettes (20). On many days it was TWICE that.
  • Smoking had made it impossible for me to climb stairs without losing my breath.
  • I was an asthmatic since I was born, literally the first days of my life they had to treat my asthma. Meaning in everyday life that I ran around with BOTH a pack of cigarettes and my asthma inhaler (Ventide).

This picture displays the tragedy of my habits at the time.

Cigarettes and ventide quit smoking hormetik
From left to right: Ventide, Cigarettes, Lighter.


  • Asthma is gone (yes, GONE)
  • I can sprint and train hard without puking my heart out.
  • I look better than ever.
  • I feel better than ever.

I know that these things I learned can be applied by anyone willing to take their lives in better directions.

So, documenting this publicly is good.

Thank you for reading.