Overdo Intermittent Fasting Hormetik

I Overdo Intermittent Fasting

First of all, I do Intermittent Fasting.

Which simply means that I skip meals for 16-20 hours regularly.

I eat nothing during that ‘fasting window’.

Only drink things without calories.

That’s coffee and sparkling water with a bit of lemon in my case.

I OVERDO IT many times.

NOTE: You CAN do 48-72 hours fasts as they DO have fantastic positive effects.


Like my friend Alex from ForeverAlphaBlog recommends, for example (READ HIS ARTICLE ON LONG FASTS DONE RIGHT AND ALL THEIR BENEFITS HERE).

Because Fasting feels great.

Because Fasting gives me an edge.

I focus WAY MORE in my work.

I do not think about food.

But then, when it’s time to eat.


And I enjoy food much more than ever before.

Meal Today sauerkraut eggs olives walnuts pasta hormetik
I broke the fast with this today at 6 PM!!! Then, I proceeded to TRAIN

After my first meal of the day I usually take these:

aspirin 325mg and Vitamin B Complex

One Enteric Coated Aspirin 325mg (called Aspirina Prevent here in Argentina).

One Super B-Complex.

Back to Intermittent Fasting

There is magic in denying yourself certain things you love for periods of time.

It teaches the mind to FIRST do the job, and THEN get a reward.

I was a person used to getting the reward first, and then, since there was no incentive to do the work, I didn’t!

I practiced for many years to be lazy and I trained my brain to expect rewards without effort.

I was forced to UNDO all that

NOT by denying or eliminating something,

but by REDIRECTING my mind and actions towards something different.


Every time I tried to quit,

I imagined my life WITHOUT something I enjoyed (cigarettes).

This creates a WAR inside your mind.

About ‘enjoying’ cigarettes:

At least that’s how I told myself what smoking was… to REALLY understand what smoking is, one must read this book. I cried many times while reading it. Allen Carr did a great service to millions of people with his text.

When I finally quit, I did something different.

I REPLACED cigarettes in my mind with something that gave me strong emotions.

In this case, it was parkour.

Watching parkour videos (it was this video specifically that I watched over and over again) and imagining myself doing parkour gave me extremely good emotions.

In case you didn’t know, emotions are essential to make changes.

So, then.

Cigarettes were something that OPPOSED what I want.

Because cigarettes kill your energy and make it impossible to breathe deep.

Willpower WAS NOT NECESSARY for me to quit smoking.

I will talk more about the process of quitting smoking in the near future.

For now,

I’ll add that it’s pretty cold right now here in City Bell, Argentina.

Temperature it is cold in city bell hormetik

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Thank you very much for reading.

Have a great day.