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Gymboss Review: I Hated My Second Gymboss and Then Loved It

This is a mini-post about an experience I had with Gymboss.

The guys at that company have earned a place in my heart. Because I was an asshole to them once and they reacted perfectly…

What is GYMBOSS?

It’s an Interval Timer and a Stopwatch.

You can use an interval timer for your training (and many other things in life).

From their website:

[pullquote align=”normal”]It is proven that timed work periods and rest or recovery periods give you better results. Gymboss Timers are programmable interval timers perfect for timing a single interval, or multiple intervals, and repeating them once or as many times as you wish. [/pullquote]

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This story began many years ago.

I bought the first Gymboss because of Martin Berkhan.

Who is Martin Berkhan?

martin berkhan leangains hormetik
Martin Berkhan (of is a brilliant guy from Sweden who sold me on the idea of Intermittent Fasting. Mainly because he seemed more rational and devoid of bullshit. Before him, I used to think that Intermittent Fasting was a stupid fad.

He’s an overall BEAST and he obliterates nonsense in the fitness world.

Anyway, one of the only things he recommended at the time, was the Gymboss.

So I bought one many years ago.

This is my original Gymboss in all it’s glory:

Old gymboss Matias hormetik

I used this beauty for a long time.

Until I left it a whole night outside during a major storm.

The rain killed it.

I tried the hair dryer thing. I tried many things and solutions that were recommended online.

It was over.

Old Gymboss was dead.


I went to their website and saw that they had replaced the old model.

Didn’t mind.

I orederd the new one.

On the first use I immediatelly HATED the new Gymboss model.

I gotta be sincere here. Completely honest.

I was having a bad couple of weeks by then. So, the first thing that I noticed was that the buttons were different.

Long story short.

During a workout I was sweating. I was having a bad day. I was telling myself negative things about me being a loser for not reaching a certain number of reps in the exercises…

And suddenly I lost my temper. I went nuts.

I threw the Gymboss against the wall.

Kinda like a baseball player.


The Gymboss exploded into tiny pieces.

broken gymboss hormetik

I had just bought it.

It had taken two months to get to Argentina.

(It was actually one of the last things that actually made it into my country. After that, I lost many shipments and then I called it quits).

I was very mad and a few days later I took the time to review the Gymboss with a 1-star review I think…

Then I sent them an email directly, with the above picture attached.

I told them that the new model was crap.

What did the guys at Gymboss do?

They sent me a new Gymboss for free.

They simply replied to my asshole email with a tracking number.

And after many months of using the new model that they sent me 100% free.

I began to love it.

So, I went back and changed the review, explaining what had happend.

I still feel like an asshole for having done that.

But I feel better writting this.

They are good people in my book.

You can buy a Gymboss and use it for:

  • Timing your resting periods between sets.
  • Timing isometric holds.
  • As a stopwatch.
  • HIIT Cardio
  • Etc.

gorilla mind rush hormetik

On September the 1st it’s gonna be 15 days without Gorilla Mind Rush.

The nootropic that served me so well the previous 2 months.

My younger brother will travel to the US in October and I can’t wait for him to bring me Gorilla Mind Smooth and Gorilla Dream.

I want to try Smooth because it has no stimulants. And I will spend October stimulant-free (incluiding coffee).

And I want to try Gorilla Dream for the same reason.

It will be a ‘smoother’ month.

I will work A LOT, but you don’t need stimulants for that.

I must emphasize how important it is in my mind that you CYCLE nootropics and stimulants in general.

Coffee can create a lot of ANXIETY!

Just today I was feeling very anxious.

So, I stopped drinking coffee and threw away what was left of it.

Did yo know you can use Transdermal Magnesium to relax naturally?

You can buy this one, then you spray your arms with it.

Magnesium (aka Recovery Oil) gets into your body through the skin.

It’s 100% safe and I can’t explain just how RELAXING it is.

Go ahead and try it one day.

Or at least add it to your list of things to try one day!

This is the post for today.

Thank you very much for reading.