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How To Use Gorilla Mind Rush Without Jitters (Phenibut)

I’m dying to try Gorilla Mind Smooth.

Because it has Phenylethylamine (PEA) AKA The “Love Drug”.

(Gorilla Mind Smooth is 50% off for the next 48 hours, so I’m buying two bottles before it’s too late)

But today I want to share something I’ve been testing…

I live in Argentina.

So, whenever I buy stuff from America.

I have to buy these things and send them to a relative who lives in the US.

THEN I have to wait (sometimes for months) until someone comes to Argentina so I can actually have them in my hands…



As I’ve said many times.

I’ve been using Gorilla Mind Rush for a while now.

(For 30 days I won’t use Gorilla Mind Rush. I do this with every Nootropic, including Coffee).

And Gorilla Mind Rush is GREAT.


There’s days when I feel a bit too jittery.

(I take Rush with Coffee although it is advised against by the makers).


I’ve been STACKING (combining) Gorilla Mind Rush and Phenibut.

I have lots of experience with Phenibut.

3 Gorilla Mind Rush capsules + 500mg of Phenibut

(Sometimes 1000mg, as can be seen in the above snapshot of my journal)

Phenibut is a powerful nootropic.

It makes you feel better.

I have years and years of feeling depressed or blue.

Phenibut, used correctly, has helped me train my brain to be happier.

This is MY understanding (I might be wrong).


I take two GMR pills (excellent for hours of focus).

Then, a few hours later.

I take 500mg of Phenibut (with coffee).

Phenibut kills the jittery effects of coffee and stimulants in general.

Then, after two or three hours, I might add 500mg more of Phenibut.

I take all of these in a fasted state.

That means ZERO calories.

IF I am to dose Phenibut a second time, I do it with my first meal. Usually at 4 PM.

NOTE: I cycle everything. I go 100% OFF from every substance I use. I KNOW what addiction and depression is (here). Nootropics, when used correctly are AMAZING. I go OFF coffee and everything that contains stimulants for AT LEAST 30 days in a row once a year.

I did something horrible to myself two years ago when I overdid Phenibut.

It felt like Hell.

I mean it.

I will share more about my Phenibut nightmare in a future post.


These weeks have been hard for my family.

My mom (70 years old) had a surgery to remove a melanoma the other day.

Hormetik mom melanoma clinic hospital
My mom’s hospital room. August 9 2018

It all went well.

I’m posting this, because not everything in life is happiness.

And that just IS.

No point in complaining.

You try to tell a story with the things that happen to you.

You write your own story with the things you do.

I now know that ‘the story of I‘ is something that you and only you can tell properly.

If you don’t tell your own story, someone else will.

And that is NEVER good.

I do not want to pretend that everything is colorful in this blog.

Life is suffering too.

Last Thursday I spent hours waiting with this in my hand:

hormetik mom hospital

That’s a card they give to family members so you can enter the clinic.

The whole time, I was wondering how she might be feeling during surgery.


Surrounded by strangers.

Even though doctors are professionals.

They’re still strangers.

This post is a mess, because my mind is kind of a mess today.

But I still wanted to share something.

To end on a different note, here’s the music that I listened to while writing this:

Max Richter is a genius music composer.

I love his music.

His use of strings make me FEEL.

Thank you very much for reading.

Have a great day.