How To Focus For Hours Without Anxiety – Gorilla Mind Smooth Review 2020

Anxiety is a big problem today.


So is lack of focus.


Constant noise around you makes it nearly impossible to concentrate on the task at hand.


You have even more noise because of the sheer quantity of options in smart drugs (aka nootropics). 


Usually you have a powerful drug like coffee, which gives you energy and is generally used to work. But coffee also causes anxiety in many people. 


So, when you’re looking for solutions, you end up taking supplements with stimulants (usually coffee) that give you what you need on one hand, but also give you a new problem like anxiety, jittery mind, and general nervousness. All of these totally defeat the purpose. 


I know I do have this problem.


If you have anxiety or get a jittery feeling with coffee, read on to find how I solved the problem.


Most supplement makers buy their stuff from China, and then put their label on the bottle. With all due respect, I do not trust China in regards to supplements AT ALL.


So, you’re left with a select few who actually take the time to formulate their own product in the USA, with top quality ingredients.


For years I’ve been using Gorilla Mind Rush, which is the stimulant version of Smooth.


My review and impressions of Rush here.


Coffee can also be super addictive, and it will have less and less of a positive effect the more you drink it. Until you reach a point where you’re only having the bad side effects and none of the good ones.


January 2020 I was exactly like that. 


Addicted to coffee and getting only anxiety from it.


So I went cold turkey.


Cutting coffee cold turkey is brutal.


I had the worst headaches for 5 days.


Then it all started to quiet. And I was able to complete 30 days without coffee, like I do once or twice a year (I recommend everyone to go off every single substance they can, both to maximize the effects, and to not get dependent on it). 


Since I always wanted to try the non-stimulant version of Gorilla Mind Rush, I ordered a bottle of Smooth right then and there.


I was at ease when ordering because:


  • It has a 30-Day money back guarantee.
  • Their other product (Rush) did as advertised.
  • I had 2 years of prior good experiences with their brand.


Now, if you want to read their whole list of studies and how they formulated it over the period of 2 years, taking the time to test it personally, and manufacture it with the best ingredients they could find, you can do so by visiting their website.



The bottle arrived and I actually tweeted that exact moment (original tweet here).


 So this is how it went for me:


First dose I felt nothing to be honest.

I took one pill first thing in the morning and went out for a walk. Then I came back and started working on a website I was doing for a client. Felt the same, can’t attribute any effects to Smooth.


Got my first good impression with Smooth, not as acute as I wanted the feeling to be. I tried 2 pills first thing in the morning. This dose would have been very different with Rush (the stimulant version), and I would have combined it with coffee. But with Smooth I went with no coffee and no stimulant whatsoever. 

Felt more calm than focused. Zero anxiety.


What I noticed was like a silence inside. And also a noise-cancelling effect of external noise. Again, zero anxiety, but this time my focus was superb. No itch to pay attention to a dozen tabs on the internet. Paid no attention to chatter around me (brothers, music, etc).

DOSE was 3 pills. This is the sweet-spot for me. More pills were unnecessary, less is not as good (I don’t know how else to put it to be honest).

On day three I was able to finish the website that I was working on the day before (and got a nice Paypal notification in my inbox – Whoohoo! – see picture).

The bottle lasted me around 3 months because I did not use it everyday. I took days off. I went 4-7 days without it too.

Rest of these three months were pretty much the same. Results varied depending on my desire to focus and willingness to actually work.

Some specific days I felt nothing, neither positive nor negative. Smooth did not alter my sleep (like Rush does when I take more than 2-3 pills – See my review from 2018 here).

So, this is the recap of my experience:

  • Perfect dose is 3 pills (bottle has 90).
  • You take 2-3 days to get the effects.
  • Focus is soft.
  • Noise-cancelling effects.
  • Ignore chatter around you.
  • Will last more than 90 days, as you’re not supposed to take it many consecutive days anyway.
  • Much safer than Modafinil or Aderrall, and more gentle.
  • Can be alternated with Rush, so you don’t get used to any of the two, and your brain can excel without negative effects at all (I STILL recommend to do 10-30 days without this and every other nootropic).
  • Made in the USA
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • It’s very gentle (can be a positive too of course). If you’re looking for extreme effects, go for something like Rush.
  • It lasts less than Rush. To avoid this “problem”, you can take 2 Smooth pills in the morning and then add 1-2 more 4 hours later.


The experiment was successful.

I now use both Rush and Smooth.

Right now I’m writing this with 3 smooth pills. Bliss… No jitters. No anxiety (Also listening to THIS binaural track with calming music, which I think enhances the effects… Might be wrong!! Hahaha).

If you’re looking to focus for long hours without anxiety, then this is the perfect choice, but ONLY if you can live without the stimulant side.

Are you looking for long hours of focus with calmness?

I think Smooth is a candidate worth considering. Even more so with their 30-Day money back guarantee. 

Note: You will never see a product that I link to if I don’t like it or even less if I hated it. So, it’s true that this review is very positive. If I ever write a review of something I hated, I will not link to it. Period. I will do so to warn you in that case. Not to promote it.

So that’s it.

I was gladly surprised on one hand. On the other hand I was already expecting quality because of my previous experience with the other “Gorilla” version.

P.S.: If you want to try the effects of Gorilla Mind Smooth and are curious, click here to get your own bottle shipped to your doorstep.

Hope this review was helpful!

If you want to ask me a question, you can send me a private message here.

Your friend,