Re-Program Your Subconscious With This

I know how this whole thing sounds gimmicky, but hear me out

-You and I are programmable.
-You are ALREADY programming your subconscious.
-What your subconscious believes is what dictates your entire life.

And the programming can be anything at all. The key is in repetition and in some fundamentals of how the mind works.

If you don’t programm yourself, someone else will. And only you have your best interest in mind.

TERMINATE has 439 reviews as of the writing of this. And the vast majority of people gave it 5-Stars.

Getting this many 5-star reviews is not a small feat. It means people are getting results and have taken the time to thank the creator and let others know about it.

Customers’ opinions are important before making a purchase of course.

And by the time you click on the link, I’m sure there will be even more 5-stars in there.


Terminate begins with a little intro from the Terminator movie, and then a female voice says:

“Every time you listen to this, these commands are driven into your subconscious mind, as you allow them to begin to rewire your brain. And accept them as your new reality. Relax and enjoy.”

This already puts you in a more susceptible state, and you will be ready to accept positive affirmations about your personality and your capabilities.

Alluding to the absolute resolve and focus of the T-800 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is SMART.


Because it paints a clear picture.

A symbol that opposes the majority of people’s inner life.

Most people lack focus and resolve.

Most people have no drive.

This is a fact.

You can end the inner fight with yourself

You can end that war of attrition that is weakening you everyday.

Let go of things like self-deprecating humor because your subconscious is listening.

Your subconscious accepts what you say about yourself. And it WILL 100% make it a reality. It will make sure that your actions align with the things it hears.

So, if you say defeatist words. It will keep you defeated.

If you are not living the life you want and you don’t feel like you’re everything you could be, then it is a FACT that it’s your subconscious leading you towards that.

And the reason is that you’ve been feeding yourself with negative self talk. With ideas that make you doubt yourself and your capabilities.

You might be saying:

–”I don’t believe in subconscious reprogramming.”

Well, you’re wrong.


You are right now and have been all your life programming it, with the things you say in your inner talk. And you have 1000% been bombarded every day of your life with defeatist messages from TV and most other mainstream media outlets.


You might think that it’s “just a joke” when you humorously utter words of weakness. But it’s not a joke for your subconscious. It takes things as facts. And the more you say those things, the more it enforces them.

Make no mistake about it.

Self-deprecating humor is destroying you.

It’s NOT harmless.

Subconscious reprogramming might sound woo-woo to you, but it’s simply taking your inner dialogue into a new and better direction, so you can have the things you want.


It cleverly uses affirmations in BOTH the first and second person.

Why is it clever?

Because for some people affirmations in the first person (i.e. “I am full of energy”) do not work as well.

The reason might have to do with our social nature. And for people who had problems that are rooted in our childhood (most people), they were used to listening to AUTHORITY figures such as our parents and teachers to say things that were not ideal for our success (even with the best of intentions).

So, by using affirmations in both persons, you are maximizing the chances that they will be accepted by your subconscious.

“You are full of energy” has more of an impact many times, as it’s like getting the chance to go back to your childhood and having an authority figure tell you what they observe in you. And with this carries more weight.


Why 432Hz?

Because it’s a better state to receive affirmations.

Music affects us immensely. And you already know this from experience. When you listen to a song that you love, it brings feelings and ideas that you’ve associated with the time when you first heard it.

This is powerful. And it’s only smart to use it to your advantage.

This frequency is good to relax enough to listen to affirmations, yet not SO relaxing that you fall asleep.

Terminate is energizing.

And I recommend you listen to it while taking a walk for example.

The rhythm alone and the beats in it will slowly ingrain in your mind.

After a while, the music in this track will stick. And this is GREAT because you will be able to evoke the same state of confidence and focus by simply remembering the song.

You will replace your “default state” with one of determination and self-confidence.

Of course, you need to EXECUTE just like the Terminator.

Without action there is nothing to be extracted from anything.

No book.

No motivational video.

Nothing will have any effect unless you DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO.

And only you know what you have to do.

Only you know what is good for you.

This audio track is not magic, but it’s close.

It’s using the principles that govern your mind to your advantage instead of against you, and your dreams.

You are already programming your mind all the time, non-stop.

This makes sure that you program yourself with powerful ideas that will propel you instead of keeping you stuck where you are now.

Like the text only half-jokingly says in the Terminate page:



You don’t need to actively listen to the affirmations in this recording

In fact it’s better if you don’t.

The more distracted you are, the more your subconscious is actively absorbing. This principle is used in commercials and TV PROGRAMMING (you know why they call it programming right?), by Politicians, and every one who wants to influence you to THEIR liking.

Just play the track at a comfortable volume and go about your walk, your morning routine, etc.


As the track uses the stereo effect to bombard you left and right with different affirmations that come in all directions. This is good. As you are usually overwhelmed in your everyday life. And THAT is where the weakening ideas about your lack of self worth, your lack of security, your inability to perform or be happy take place.

Just remember any day in your life when things were going wrong and that gremlin voice in your head whispered:

“I’m not good for this”
“I don’t have what it takes”
“What would people think?”…

This is ALL subconscious programming already happening in your life.


You can only take charge and turn it in a better direction.


Listen to Terminate at least twice a day

Once when you wake up and before bed.

If you listen to it more often, even better. You know this already. The more you do something, the more it sticks. The more you say something, the more it will be ingrained.

I listened to it so many times that now I sometimes simply remember the music, and my mind enters that state without effort.

The music is catchy and energizing.

This is because as you know “Neurons that fire together, wire together”.

We must use this principle to our advantage.

The opposite is what happens to (let’s say) an alcoholic. He associates bars, cigarettes, socializing, all of that he equates with ALCOHOL. So he will need to do a lot of work reprogramming how his neurons fire and *when* they fire up.

You’re already like this alcoholic in that your affirmations about yourself and the world around you are associated in your brain to certain situations.

You’re really in a race against the overwhelming BAD programming, coming from both around you and from your inner dialogue.

No matter how much you try to fight it, there’s gonna have to be a re-programming, by way of something like this audio track, or by way of you constantly telling yourself healthy affirmations.

Something must be done.

But if you do that, and you really give it your all… And you couple this with consistent action… Oh man… you will absolutely be armed to create a new and better life. This I believe completely because I was a MESS years before.

But if every time you try to change, you find yourself in an internal struggle, then an active reprogramming is necessary.

You can’t simply go forward with an inner critic that is killing your energy all the time. You must deal with it head on.

If you’re wanting to end the internal struggle, get Terminate.

And start using it till you’re killing it and living the life you want (you will know when that happens as you already have a vision of that).

By that time, you will know that this powerful state has become AUTOMATIC in you.

And you will feel that you can take on the world.